A Memory

Childhood brings back so many memories for me. I can remember my big sister and I dressing up my little brother like a girl, putting hair products in his short blonde boy hair, and dressing him in our dresses that our mom made for us… the girls. I can remember my sister and I putting pigtails in my dad’s short, military cut hair. I remember him braiding our hair. These memories are so special to me, but there are some that I carry with me every day.

One memory I remember the most vividly was when driving in the car with my mom, listening to the radio, I asked, “Momma, why are all the songs about love?” Her response sticks with me every day of my life: “Well, can you think of anything more important?”

I don’t remember if I replied or not, but gosh, her answer still gives me chills. When it comes down to it, when there is nothing else left, love is what will bring us all back to life.

corinthians 13

Some day when my kids ask me questions like these I will remember my mother’s words and let the love flow through me. The most important lesson was taught to me that day with my mother’s simple words, and I have been trying to live by those words every day. To grow a little love. To bring love into the little things. To be in love with life.

These are my thoughts today, maybe one day soon I’ll get back to posting actual pictures of my life but it’s just SO COLD outside that I’ve been hibernating and just spending time with my thoughts. Anyways, I hope you can find some love in your life today, and that you remember the most important things in life are grown from love.

Take good care, lovelies!



9 thoughts on “A Memory

  1. Yes, I agree with you. Childhood memories are the best and they are just awesome. To this note I want to tell you that I’ve written a poem ‘ i don’t wanna grow old’ as a tribute to childhood. You will surely love that. 🙂

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