What I Eat

If you haven’t read my last post, click here! It’s the background story to why I eat the way I eat! Let’s jump right in.

My sister was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about a year ago, and has been telling me ever since that my health struggles (ex: bad body acne, bad digestion, fatigue, constant migraines…) are probably because I am also Celiac. I didn’t believe her for almost a whole year. I was fine! Those health problems were due to stress, I’m sure of it!

A few weeks ago I was struggling with more migraines than usual. About 4-5 per week. It was truly crippling and I pas popping migraine medication like candy, which made me feel even more awful. I hate taking pills, I always have, but migraines are no joke. I finally decided to cut wheat, gluten, barley, etc. from my diet and my world changed in a week.

I was sad that it was working. Because I love bagels. But I was almost instantly relieved from my migraines, my digestion problems were almost completely gone, and my fatigue slowly drifted away. It was too good to be true! But this gave me some more food restrictions while dining out with family, while preparing food at home, and while grabbing something on the go.

I began eating significantly more vegetables and fruit, to the point where my meals were mostly a bunch of fruit, smoothies, and sautéed veggies. Oh and potatoes. Girl loves potatoes.

I began binge watching Ellen Fisher’s YouTube videos over and over again, until I decided that I needed to give it a shot.

I didn’t think I’d be able to commit to a 100% raw vegan diet straight off the hop, especially it being winter time in Canada and produce is up the booty expensive, so I decided I would try the Raw Till 4 diet.

My digestive system has never felt more wonderful. I kid you not, I am living in a dream.

I’m still learning so much on enjoying enough calories from my raw foods, and I will definitely do a post on that later on once I’m feeling confident in my routine! But I truly have never felt better. Everyone says it, but I never believed that it was worth it. I thought I would miss the flavour of cooked foods throughout the day, that I wouldn’t feel satisfied and full, that I would miss out on so many different foods.

I was wrong. This feeling is so much better. I feel so alive.

Take good care, lovelies!



4 thoughts on “What I Eat

    1. Raw till 4 is exactly what you said! I eat fruits and vegetables in abundance (I’m talking… 4 bananas, 3 apples, a few pears, a mango… you get to eat lots!) until around dinnertime! Then I indulge in something cooked for my husband and I.


    1. Thanks Mila! I do not, just raw fruits and veggies! I do love adding ground flax seeds or chia seeds to smoothies for an extra little kick! It has done wonders for my body 🙂 Let me know if you decide to give it a try!


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