We’re Growing A Little Baby Love!

WELL THERE IT IS!!! We’re expecting our very first baby! We are over the moon and are so excited to share our big news! Here are all of our silly fun announcement pictures that my sister took for us, and all of our bloopers. Some of them just have me in tears cracking up, Jack was a complete train wreck while trying to take these, he was so stressed out! I have no clue why, but it was so funny (poor guy, he’s not ready to be a big brother).

I wrote a post on the day I took my positive test, so you can find that below if you’re interested in my super emotional thoughts 🙂 Otherwise, enjoy these silly pictures of my growing family!!


It is January 30th, 2016.

I am pregnant.

Oh my gosh.

My hands are shaking, my breath won’t slow down.

I, Sarah Elizabeth Gerylo, am growing a baby human.

I have yet to say those words out loud. I have yet to tell my husband who whispered to me this morning that he had a dream last night that he had a son. I cannot believe my eyes. I am seeing things. That is not a second line. But it is. Instant, thick, and clear as day. A little blue line. Another test. A digital one this time. +yes.

Yes? I’m growing a baby? I’m going to be a mother? My heart might explode.

I have been longing for this for so long. My heart has been aching to watch my husband turn into a father, it has been aching to fulfill my life’s purpose, my dream.

A baby. A tiny, poppyseed baby made out of pure love.

I am so in love with this feeling, with this family that we are creating, with this love. I am in love with this love.

I braced myself while taking the test, knowing that being one day late was insignificant. I have taken many pregnancy tests, all convinced I was pregnant, only to see a negative. Today, I told myself it would be negative.

It took a sliver of a second to show up. A sliver of a second for my life to be forever changed.

I am 4 weeks pregnant today. I am praying. I am singing. I am blessed beyond blessed. My heart is so full.

I am growing a little love.



12 thoughts on “We’re Growing A Little Baby Love!

  1. Congratulations!!!

    There are so many good photos here too- what a nice memory to have!
    I wish you all the best as your pregnancy progresses and I can’t wait to stay up to date by reading your posts!
    Congratulations again from another first time Mommy-to-be 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Joanna! Congratulations to you too! What an incredible journey we have ahead of us, expecting our first babe! Can’t wait to follow along with you as well, and thank you so much again for your kindness! It means so much to me!

      Liked by 1 person

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