Life Lately 23.01.16

Well, these posts usually start with “life kinda got crazy…” and it did. Again. And my feelings are starting to run wild. I’m inspired, overwhelmed, excited, and even more overwhelmed. Last weekend was my birthday, and I had a little gathering and it was so wonderful. I invited some friends that I hadn’t seen in a… Continue reading Life Lately 23.01.16

Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

On Friday I went to a Winnipeg Blue Bomber game, and for those who are not from the Canada, it’s kind of the Canadian version of the NFL. Me and my sister got invited to go with our best friend Bre and her boyfriend Mike. It was sooo much fun and the evening was so wonderful!

A Baby Maisy Update

Well the little peanut is doing a-maisy-ing (stop it Sarah). Our love for her just keeps growing and growing and the integration process with our other pets is going so well it makes my heart so happy! Doggie progress: Maisy girl is sooo brave with the dogs! They can be a bit overwhelming because Tali is… Continue reading A Baby Maisy Update