Lately I’ve felt like I have nothing to say, nothing to share. I have felt empty where I always used to find the comfort of words. I’m not sure why I have had this struggle lately. Perhaps my priorities have been skewed, perhaps my wellbeing has fallen to the bottom of the list. Mostly, I… Continue reading Feelings


To thrive: to grow or to develop well, vigorously. To flourish. To flourish like a beautiful flower. To live well. To be well. What a beautiful thought, that in this world, life has the ability to thrive. We have the ability to thrive. Yet, every day, we choose destruction. We choose struggle. We choose to… Continue reading Thrive

Christmas Time

Well, Christmas has come and gone and as per usual, I am so sad that it is over!!! But this year was Kyle and my first Christmas together as husband and wife and it was just so sweet. We were completely surrounded by so many loved ones and we cannot get over how blessed we… Continue reading Christmas Time

Life lately 19.12.15

Well… It’s been a while. Two months ago life got really crazy, and it sucked. But… on December 15th I wrote my final exam for this semester and I cannot explain how much relief I feel. I made the decision that I will not be going back to university full time… probably ever. Full time… Continue reading Life lately 19.12.15

Keep Life Simple

I recently listened to an episode of The Jess Lively Show that talked about the glorification of busy. It really made me realize that most people think busy should be their goal, myself included. It got me thinking about my ideal life, what I really want to see my life grow into. I realized that my goal… Continue reading Keep Life Simple

Life lately 21.8.15

Well, life lately is busy as per usual! This week has been a lot of fun, but we’ve also had a lot going on! We met with our real estate agent on Thursday, so for the few days before that I was gutting my house and cleaning every nook and crevice. Not to toot my… Continue reading Life lately 21.8.15